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Attention Parents & Students
Do not forget to bring in your Report Cards!
For A Averages on your report card, you will receive a Gold Star to put on your uniform.
You could also receive a surprise lunch from your instructor!
For B average you will
receive a Red Star!

This is the official site for:  Mile High Karate Fresno, Mile High Karate Madera, Fresno Kenpo Karate, and Williams Kenpo Karate.

This is the right place if you are a student of Mile High Karate Fresno, Fresno Kenpo Karate, Mile High Karate Madera or Williams Kenpo Karate.  Here you can download materials you might need for class, check the monthly calendar, find out about upcoming events and more.

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We are available for:

  1. Demonstration

  1. Day care talks

  1. Summer programs

  1. Boot camp workouts

  1. Birthday parties

  1. School talks & after school


  1. Womens self defense clinics

  1. Incentive programs for


  1. Safety and health fairs

  1. Character development


Demo Team


If you are a new student and never received your Starter Pack, please let Mr. Flores or any of the Black Belts know. The Starter Pack gives varied info on the school and has the birthday party certificate in it.

10/3   Pre-Testing Week

10/10 Cardio & Belt Testing Week

10/17 Favorite Hoodie Week

10/24 Crazy Hat Week

DALEAH V.    2

DAVE B.    3


J.D. T.    4

BROOK C.    5

NICOLE H.    6



GINA C.    9

PERLA M.    11


JORDAN S    14


JORGE R.    16

MELKEHI F.    22

KEMTRU T.    27

RYAN E.    27

ANDRE J.    29

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Leave your business card in the studio & we will post it on our web site!

Tutoring Class

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Spar Gear

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Please note: Mrs. W. can no longer do in-house ordering for students.


Students and Parents,

You probably already know that Mile High Karate, Fresno Kenpo Karate, and Williams Kenpo Karate are great Karate schools.

You probably also know that that some of the primary functions of our Karate school(s) is to help students to become successful in all aspects of their lives, producing a well rounded, balanced individual who continues to set goals, improves basic study habits, such as focus, self discipline, and respect.

Clearly, our student body as well as our staff reflects these ideals. All you need to do is look at one of our classes, and observe how many of our students bring in their report cards, job lists, self discipline sheets, goal sheets, etc.

  But there are other aspects of our school you might not be aware of...

 Did you know that Professor Sascha Williams is the highest ranking active Kenpo Karate Black Belt in Central California?

Did you know that the Williams/Perez family consists of all Black Belts? (Professor Williams, Mrs. Williams, Daniel Perez, Randy Perez and Jennifer Perez.

Did you know that Professor Williams is the only high ranking Kenpo Black Belt who studied directly with the founder of this fascinating art, Edmund K. Parker?

Did you know that the entire Williams/Perez family (as well as Ricky Flores) have continually dominated national and international competitions, with ALL members of the family winning repeated First place and Grand Championship awards?

Did you know that Professor Williams is a three time Hall of Fame inductee? (Masters Hall of Fame - 2000, Kenpo Karate Hall of Fame (Charter member - 2006, USA Hall of Fame - 2009)

Did you know that Professor Williams is an internationally sought after instructor, with students and seminars in countries as far as Greece, Spain, Jersey Island, Germany, Portugal, as well as throughout the U.S.?

 Did you know that Professor Williams is a well known author of Kenpo Karate books (endorsed by the Parker family!)

Recommended Reading:

All Students and Parents:

1.  "What to Say When You Talk To


     Shad Helmstetter

     (required reading for all staff members)

  1. 2."Awaken The Giant Within,"

      Tony Robbins

    (required reading for all staff members)

3. "West Point Way of Leadership,"

      Larry R. Donnithorne

     (required reading for all staff members)

  1. 4."Psychology of Winning,"

    Dennis Waitle

    (required reading for all staff members)

*Redeem your gift certificate in your starter pack.

Attention New Students

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Williams Kenpo Karate
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Bring your sparring gear to all classes!